An argument against euthanasia in medical practices

This argument says that euthanasia is bad because of the sanctity of human life. There are four main reasons why people think we shouldn't kill human beings:

An argument against euthanasia in medical practices

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Pro Introduction I would like to thank my opponent for responding and giving me his rebuttals. He has made many gramatical errors, such as his first two sentences. Slight gramatical errors do not bother me, but these errors were large enough to bother me.

Rebuttals My opponent has given me seven points with explainations. I will refute each one. It is opposed by all major religions This is a secular nation.

This is a fact that my opponent cannot deny. Because this is a secular nation, the United States of America cannot make laws regarding religion. It is easier for doctors to administer euthanasia Yes, it is easier.

My opponent denies this, yet it is true. It is much easier to administer euthanasia, yet it is only a last resort. Doctors do everything they can, but if they simply cannot end the suffering of the patient, why keep him or her alive?

Most people would not want them to suffer. Euthanasia is un-ethical for the patient "My opponent claims morality is subjective, but no serious person holds this view. There are certain things we all see as wrong including murder, and rape.

We also believe in human rights which are universal morals such as it is wrong to force someone into slavery.

Euthanasia and assisted suicide

It drives me crazy when people cannot understand this. My opponent thinks it is wrong to kill. I think it is wrong to kill. There are, however, people out there who do not think it is wrong to kill. There is no rulebook out there saying what it immoral and what is moral. Morals exist solely in the amygdala.

This is a proven scientific fact. It's not my opinion. It's a proven fact. It is un-ethical for doctors to give such procedures; such practices violate the Hippocratic Oath My opponent is simply not understanding this. If the patient is suffering and cannot be cured, why not be able to put them out of their misory?

I cannot imphasize this enough. My opponent is either not understanding or is refusing to admit that he understands. Uncertainty of death and the subjectivity of requirements "Who can qualify for euthanasia?We conclude that euthanasia should be used only in cases of last resort and not as an alternative to palliative care.

Keywords: Euthanasia; physician-assisted suicide; medical arguments; arguments support euthanasia; arguments against euthanasia.

An argument against euthanasia in medical practices

1. INTRODUCTION Advances in medical technology means that people are living longer. A study from the Jakobovits Center for Medical Ethics in Israel argued that a form of non-voluntary euthanasia, the Groningen Protocol, has "potential to validate the slippery-slope argument against allowing euthanasia in selected populations".

Aug 22,  · Medical Ethics Argument The medical ethics argument states that legalizing euthanasia would violate the International Code of Medical Ethics, which is: .

One argument against euthanasia or physician Attitudes and practices of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Christian. "What are euthanasia. The Moral Case Against Euthanasia January-February By: Sidney Callahan, Ph.D. If medical mercy killing becomes acceptable, social pressure can mount for an ill person to ask for death to relieve the family burdens.

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In the case of assisted suicide and euthanasia, the slippery slope argument is valid; what is once begun cannot be. Euthanasia Practices in the Netherlands DR.

BRIAN POLLARD Although respect for patient autonomy is the main ethical argument in favour of euthanasia, power has passed almost exclusively into doctors hands. Report of the Committee to Investigate Medical Practice Concerning Euthanasia. Medical Decisions about the End of Life.

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Euthanasia and assisted suicide: What are they and what do they mean?