Carthage and the punic wars essay

These were between and BC. These wars were the first great wars of Roman expansion outside Italy. The enemy of Rome had a large empire that stretched along the coast of North America and southern Spain and some parts of Sicily. This empire was known as Carthage.

Carthage and the punic wars essay

Hooker, The Resulting wars, ultimately so disastrous for Carthage, were inevitable.

Essay on the Punic Wars This empire was known as Carthage. The purpose of these wars was to decide which power would become the dominant force around the Mediterranean Sea. The first Punic War lasted from BC. It was fought mainly at sea, off the coast of Sicily. The second Punic War was fought between BC. In BC, a 4/4(1). Carthage And The Punic Wars Carthage was founded by the Phoenician Princess Elyssa-Dido on a peninsula from Africa which extends into the Mediterranean Sea. According to legend Elyssa_Dido fled from her brother Pygmalion, the king of Tyre, after he killed her husband. In BC Carthage and Rome signed a friendship treaty. But this friendship would not last forever. There was series of wars fought between Carthage and Rome known as the Punic Wars. Fought between BC. Carthage was a city-state on the Greek model that had been founded by Phoenicians.

Between Carthage and Italy lay the huge island of Sicily; Carthage controlled the western half of Sicily, but the southern tip of the Italian peninsula put the Romans within striking distance of the island.

When the Sicilian city of Messana revolted against the Carthaginians, the Romans intervened, and the first Punic War erupted. Both sides were battling for ultimate control over the Mediterranean Sea and the profitable trading routes therein. Treaties between the two cities had existed for over two centuries, agreeing on their respective spheres of influence, Rome in Italy, Carthage in African and Sardinia, with Roman traders allowed equal access in Sicily.

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In the end it was Sicily that provided the trigger for war. Control of the island was contested between the Greek city states and Carthage. Between and his death in BC the opposition to Carthage had been led by Agathocles, tyrant of Syracuse.

Amongst his troops was a contingent from Campania, the Mamertines. After his death, they were forced out of Syracuse, and eventually took control of Messana, facing the Straits of Messana and mainland Italy. From there they raided the surrounding areas.

Eventually a new leader, Hiero, rose in Syracuse, and under his leadership the Mamertines were defeated.

Carthage and the punic wars essay

Feeling themselves to be without hope in BC they called on both Carthage and Rome for help. Carthage responded first, sending a small force to Messana, where they occupied the citadel. Rome too decided to intervene.

Essay on the Punic Wars - Essay

The next year the Roman force under Appius Claudius arrived opposite Sicily. The Mamertines expelled the Carthaginian force from Messana, and allied with Rome. Faced with this Hiero and the Carthaginians formed an alliance, and the war was started. Despite all the effort on land, it was the fighting at sea that decided the outcome of the war.

At the start of the war, Carthage was by far the greater naval power, with what was probably close to a standing navy, while Rome herself had no navy, instead relying on those of her allies that had a naval tradition.

It was these allies that provided the navy used to transport the first Roman army to Sicily in Only in did Rome decide to build her own fleet, of ships. The main tactic of naval warfare at this point was the boarding attack, after which marines crossed over to fight on the target galley, a tactic favoring the superior Romans combat marines.

These ships had a very large crew, some men plus marines on Roman ships, resulting in the very large numbers of men present at some of the naval battles of the war. The new Roman fleets were to win a series of great naval victories, but suffer a huge number of losses to storms and shipwrecks.

The first encounter between the two fleets gave little evidence of Roman dominance. The battle of Lipara was a complete Carthaginian victory, against little effective resistance.Punic Wars essaysThe Punic wars were a set of three wars that stretched from BCE.

They were fought between the Romans and Carthaginians over trading and land disputes. Basically, two quickly expanding empires came in contact with each other and war was inevitable. There was a . Essay about Punic Wars Words 4 Pages Discuss the Roman Punic Wars, in terms of their circumstances and overall effect on Rome’s economic and social development Also discuss the ensuing “Gracchan turbulence” from the same perspective.

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May 28,  · Called the Punic Wars (Punic another name for Phoenician -- the nationality of the men who founded Carthage), the contests revealed much about both nations, and created heroes and legends for all antiquity to marvel over.

At that time Carthage was under siege, engaged in a harsh civil war, they had to accept the loss of Sardinia and Roman conditions for ongoing peace, which also increased the war indemnity levied against Carthage following the first Punic War.

There was a series of three Punic Wars between Carthage and Rome with the first occurring between BCE and the last one ending in BCE. The reasoning and motives for the three wars varies. However, no matter what the motives of the wars were, the end result was the defeat and total destruction of the Carthaginian civilization.

Home Essays Essay on the Punic Wars. Essay on the Punic Wars. Topics: Roman Republic, The three Punic Wars between Carthage and Rome, in the beginning B.C. and the ending with the destruction of Carthage in B.C.

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