Descriptive names

A descriptive trademark identifies one or more characteristics of a product or service covered by the mark and only serves to describe the product. Some descriptive mark examples are: Descriptive trademarks like these examples, which only include words based on aspects, highlights, end results, or product uses won't qualify for a trademark.

Descriptive names

Syntax Proper names are distinguished from proper nouns.

Descriptive names

A proper noun is a word-level unit of the category noun, while proper names are noun phrases syntagms Payne Descriptive names Huddleston Proper names may consist of other parts of speech, too: While any string of words or non-words can be a proper name, we may Descriptive names locate that liberality in the form of proper nouns.

Proper names, by contrast, simply have a large number of paradigms corresponding to the sorts of things named Carroll For instance, official names of persons in most Western cultures consist of at least first and last names themselves proper nouns.

Since definite expressions include pronouns, demonstratives and definite descriptions, this evidence is often used to support views on which names are subsumed to one of these categories Larson and SegalElbournethough it is also consistent with names forming their own species of definite.

Some notably Burge []—see the Description Theory below take such non-argumental occurrences as consitituting their primary use in a theoretical, rather than statistical sense. On the other hand, there is pressure from semantics to recognize multiple homonyms or else large-scale ambiguity.

If instead the meaning of a name corresponds to a rule determining, or constraining, its reference in a context, then there is no pressure to adopt either expedient.

Mill is given credit and naming rights for the commonsense view that the semantic contribution of a name is its referent and only its referent. For while both expressions have the same referent the planet Venusthey do not seem equivalent in cognitive significance, nor do they contribute in the same way to the truth conditions of all sentences in which they occur.

In particular, they cannot be substituted salva veritate preserving truth in the scope of propositional attitude verbs this claim is subject to dispute—see Salmon Homer believed that the Morning Star was the Morning Star.

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False Russell required that a propositional attitude holder be acquainted with each of the components of the proposition in question. Even if we don't find Russell's epistemological views persuasive, names without a referent e. Millians have made responses to all three of these objections. For the puzzle of empty names, see Braun and the essays in Everett and Hofweber Russell's conditions on singular thought are now generally viewed as overly stringent, and it is common to assume that we are in a position to entertain a proposition with Aristotle as a constituent see, for instance, Kaplan Frege left his notion of sense somewhat obscure.

Subsequent theorists have discerned a theoretical role unifying several distinct functions cf. Kripke59; Burge First, as just remarked, an expression has a sense along with a Bedeutung or reference as part of its semantic value.

Its sense is its contribution to the thought proposition expressed by a sentence in which it occurs. Names, considered as generic syntactic types, most likely do not have senses as their lingustic meanings. Second, the sense of an expression determines its reference.

Third, sense encapsulates the cognitive significance of an expression. In the last capacity, the sense of a sentence—a thought proposition —must obey Frege's intuitive criterion of difference Evans Roughly, any two sentences that may simultaneously be held to have opposite truth-values by the same rational agent must express different thoughts.

In addition to referring to Venus, each of these names has a sense. The sense in each case determines perhaps with respect to some parameter the referent Venus. Additionally, the senses encapsulate the cognitive significance of each expression.

This implies that the senses of the two names are different, since the thought expressed by 3 is distinct from the thought expressed by 4 from the intuitive criterion of difference, and the fact that someone might think 3 is true but 4 is false.

These candidates do not always satify all of Frege's requirements though they usually satisfy at least onemaking the Neo-Fregean camp somewhat heterogeneous.

For example, Michael Devitt takes senses to be causal-historical chains linking utterances of names to their referents see the Causal-Historical Theory below.

For him, senses play a role in semantics by constraining the notion of synonymy and the truth conditions of attitude reports without encapsulating the cognitive significance of an expression for a group of speakers.The name is descriptive: they are extremely intense bursts of gamma rays, the highest energy form of light.

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Posted in Bad Names, Descriptive Names, Metaphor, Names, Pun Names, Real Word Names, Startup Names, Web App Names on September 19th, 5 Comments» Of the name Utterz, with special reference in the final paragraph to movies of the late s.

When you have to name lots of similar things it can be hard to find unique descriptive names for all of them. People need a short unique way of referring to it, and we're better at using names than we are at using numbers (unless the number is very short). Best practices for file naming Menu How you organize and name your files will have a big impact on your ability to find those files later and to understand what they contain.

You should be consistent and descriptive in naming and organizing files so that it is obvious where to .

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