Essay about traveling by train

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Essay about traveling by train

They cater to different types of customers, there is a noticeable difference in service speed, and every facet of doing business is handled differently. Even the atmosphere of these two places is in contrast. These two restaurants do not compete for the same customers.

Another reason is that they are universally known. They crank meals out on an assembly line. They use computers to take orders, automatic timers to assist in cooking, and radio headsets to communicate.

Studies show that loud colors like red and yellow increase customer turnover. It sits on the right side of a two-lane highway leading into town. The Diner serves both as a truck stop and as the restaurant for a small motel next door. The parking lot looks vacant until about five in the morning because it is large enough to accommodate a dozen tractor trailers.

Years of use have left potholes and a patchwork of asphalt that resembles a moth-eaten quilt. An aluminum awning extends outward about six feet along the front of the building. Underneath the awning, yellow fluorescent lights, which theoretically do not attract bugs, glow at night.

They are mounted over a row of metal framed, screened-in windows. To reduce heating and air-conditioning costs, as well as keep the interior floor clean, an entrance was built about fourteen years ago outside the original entrance.

Concrete steps covered with brown patio turf lead to the front door. Walking inside is like traveling back in time twenty years. Trans Ams, Lucky Strikes, and eight-track tape players are some of the things that come to mind when walking in.

Essay about traveling by train

The white tile floor is always clean; however, it has yellowed with age and feels rough under your shoes because it has never been waxed. A counter runs half the length of the diner.

So over the years, the counter has been worn smooth by countless elbows. Four booths are at one end of the diner. The benches are covered in green and brown plastic, and they surround yellow formica tables. A jukebox also sits there, usually playing an old song by George Jones or Willie Nelson.

A blue haze of smoke hangs around the lights.

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A room has been added to the far end of the diner. There are also two pinball machines that see slightly more use than the video game. Four machines labeled "for entertainment only" are where the money is made.April 29, - The Coast Starlight 11 Detour Trip: Report & Photos by Chris Guenzler The train left Oakland on time at AM and we were off and running.

It was bumpy tracks down to Newark this morning. We arrived into Newark at AM and started our detour all the way to Burbank Junction.

Refugees walk under a bridge that leads to BreĹžice, Slovenia. A father is happy to see the camp after the long walk. Soon after, Slovenia made an agreement with the EU and Croatia to change the rules of the Shengen border. Published: Wed, 17 May In Fall , Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co.

became the first hotel company to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Ritz-Carlton implemented total quality management (TMQ) as a means of winning the award and improving its service.

by William Gipson. Student Sample: Comparison/Contrast, Divided Pattern. McDonald's and Fox's Diner are two of the restaurants in Lake City, Tennessee. Once upon a time, the planet was tyrannized by a giant dragon stood taller than the largest cathedral, and it was covered with thick black scales.

Its red eyes glowed with hate, and from its terrible jaws flowed an incessant stream of evil-smelling yellowish-green slime.

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