Everybody needs a rock writing activity for kids

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Everybody needs a rock writing activity for kids

I decided it was time to revisit why I believe we women should wear a swimsuit — with some new and old thoughts. I have a lot of friends who do the latter. They go to the pool with their kids, but they only put their feet in the pool. They sit on the sidelines, too concerned about what they look like and what others will think to embrace the joy of swimming with their kids.

Or they go to the beach, but stay under the umbrella instead of running into the ocean. And it makes me incredibly sad. Because when women stay on the sidelines because of insecurity, we are modeling unhealthy behavior to our children and we are missing out. Your swimsuit does not define you.

everybody needs a rock writing activity for kids

That soft tummy you are trying to hide? Has stretched and grown life. Those thighs that have long lost their gap? Gave you the strength to carry that beach ball for 9 months, then walk with life hanging on your hips for years after. You are a mother. Put that swimming suit on. When we went to the beach in April, I weighed a few pounds more than I wanted to.

But you know what? We laughed and splashed and had the best time. That night, I asked Elias what his favorite part of being at the beach was and you know what he said? A few weeks after that beach tripI found out I was pregnant. Every week this summer I am a little rounder than the week before.

I still put on my swimming suit every chance I get and go swimming with my kids. And I love being with them.

Last weekend, I put on my swimsuit, looked at myself in the mirror and took a deep breath. But it looks more like too many potato chips than a baby.

I wanted to have fun and make memories at that pool. I refuse to sacrifice memories with my children because of a soft tummy. Because at the end of the day, it is not just about me.

It is about my kids. I want them to remember twirling in the water with their mom. I want them to remember splash fights together. I want them to remember jumping off the edge of the pool into my arms.

everybody needs a rock writing activity for kids

I want them to remember that their mom was there, with them. Today, I hope to encourage you to push your insecurities aside.

Put on that bathing suit. Run through the sprinkler. Jump in the pool. Your child will remember those moments and your freedom — not how you looked in your swimming suit.Cowboys, kids, and ranch life.

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Everybody Needs a Rock by Baylor, Byrd

Summer Rock Camp (SRC) offers a supportive environment for young musicians to develop their music and teamwork skills while they play in a real rock band. Kids collaborate with others, master the art of performance, and improve their musical skills.

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