Haalbaarheidsanalyse business plan


Haalbaarheidsanalyse business plan

Introduction 1A growing number of post-industrial cities are using sport as a brand Smith, These cities and regions want to present an attractive and progressive image to potential tourists, external capital providers and other businesses and consumers that are looking for a competitive location.

The use of sport to further their reputation and to give a new image to a city is a recent process whereby a local government, either alone or in a Public Private Cooperation, deliberately exploits sport to modify its image.

Places are nowadays commodities that are competing with one another for a share of the inward investment and many cities have attempted to present themselves as entertainment centres by providing a mix haalbaarheidsanalyse business plan spectacles and sport.

The location of Gent. This means that consumer-oriented services with a high threshold, such as a professional football team easily can easily survive in the Gent region.

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tutor - translation - English-Dutch Dictionary - Glosbe Je moet een beeld van uw ideale klant. Rekening met factoren zoals leeftijd, geslacht, opleidingsniveau, inkomen, en de locatie.
KudoZ™ translation help Description[ edit ] Formal descriptions of the business become the building blocks for its activities. Many different business conceptualizations exist; Osterwalder's work and thesis[3] [5] propose a single reference model based on the similarities of a wide range of business model conceptualizations.
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In the case of KAA Gent, the professional team in Gent, however a functional substitution has taken place and the top team, Club Brugge KV located in a nearby smaller and hierarchical lower centre Brugge The club has decided to relocate to a new stadium with a capacity of 20, seats located nearby the main highways.

In this article we will use the social upgrading of professional football and the need of an accessible, modern infrastructure adapted to the needs of sport consumers and its market potential as the main reasons for the relocation. We will investigate the service area and the market potential of KAA Gent in its newly built and relocated facility of 20, seats.

The final result is an estimation of the average market potential of attendances in the future and can be used by consumer oriented professional sport clubs as an indicator for the necessary capacity of their stadium.

The questions that will be answered are: Is the relocation of KAA Gent an example of the recent tendencies of relocation of sport stadiums?

And Is the capacity of the new stadium sufficient to answer the potential demand of the sport consumers? Examples are the Emirate Stadium of The main sources of revenues of the clubs were ticketing, local subsidies and local sponsors.

The clubs and leagues became a broader economic product with broadcasting rights and sponsorship as the main sources of income 1. Professional football has, as stated in Dejonghebeen transformed to a person-related immaterial consumer oriented service with an economic function.

The absence of a demand oriented football infrastructure means a potential loss of revenues. Some examples of these losses are the limitation in increasing the ticket prices, a capacity constraint, lack of sufficient business seats and boxes, a repulsion of women and children and higher income sport consumers, a lack of branding the facility In most of the Dutch and English cases the stadium was sold out during the seasons previous to the relocation or renovation.

This means that the demand for attending the club was higher than the supply of seats, in other words, the price of the tickets was lower than the equilibrium price in a free market system.

The clubs can, if they have a notion of the surplus in demand, raise the prices in their new stadiums. In this case it is not a change in consumer behaviour but only an adjustment to the free market.

A raise in prices can result in a crowding out of the original hardcore urban working class fan base see the Manchester United case after Glazer took over the club and raised the prices.

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Some 4, fans founded a new team FC United of Manchester and the club plays in the amateur league for a crowd of 3, Porter, Not only may the ticket prices go up, all of this may also issue in an increase in revenue from catering, merchandising and possibly rent from other uses of the facility such as concerts, parties, hotels The location and competition in space and visibility become a central issue in consumer oriented services.

Professional football became a service that had to sell itself in space.

haalbaarheidsanalyse business plan

Like all consumer-oriented services is time-distance an important determinant of demand besides issues such as comfort, visibility and market potential. Long term success in professional football is, according to Dejonghea principle of cumulative causation with service area and potential consumers with their purchasing power as a central topic in the system.Some of these cookies are essential to the operation of the site, while others help to improve your experience by providing insights into how the site is being used.

en The accompaniment towards self employment and business creation will consist of personalized tutoring during the whole process of starting the business (feasibility analysis, and assistance for preparing a business plan, support regarding administrative requirements, etc.).

Die negen opties zijn onderworpen aan de haalbaarheidsanalyse en de MABA-analyse.

haalbaarheidsanalyse business plan

Hieruit is de optie om de Australian Opener te introduceren in Australië naar voren gekomen. Met de lancering van de Australian Opener wil Heineken het marktaandeel op de Australische biermarkt in het eerste jaar vergroten van 12,4 % naar 15 %.

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(Under the 5 Year Project FARM Development Plan) Sustainable Farming as a LIFESTYLE Earning an equivalent amount of 8 hours 5 days a week work or more in Farming using 1 Hectare, Is it Possible?

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