Handwriting analysis forensic science activity for high school

Objective In this activity you will gain experience with iris recognition and explore ocular metrics. Learn more by reading Iris Recognition.

Handwriting analysis forensic science activity for high school

The most important issue after the education, training and experience is to get paid often and sufficiently enough to stay in business so you can help people who need you. Any expert who has been around long enough to have enjoyed some success has encountered the same old story over and over: Remember, excuses satisfy only those who give them.

Excuses do not pay our Google, Yellow Pages, postcard and advertising bills or feed our families. I have even had clients ask me to front the plane fare and other expenses. Can you believe I did it — at least twice??

I sure have learned from my mistakes. You can now learn from mine two. It should be obvious to anyone with good common sense and adequate vision that experts can help win or lose a case.

As a result of my expertise, I once helped a client get off death row. He has written me many letters of appreciation with much gratitude and I know he knows how important an expert can be to a cause or a case.

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My attitude is strengthened every day about how valuable an asset an expert can be. In fact, I believe experts should get paid up front before their examination and always before any court testimony. This subject is a passion for my beautiful friend, Expert Rosalie Hamilton, who consults and coaches experts worldwide.

Now, we run our business by a specific set of policies which work well — like gravity — the same result every time. Our new policy is that we do not examine a document unless we been paid for an examination, in full- up front.

As a result of this new policywe now have little or no collection problem. The only exception to this policy is working with the State or City who have policies which pay days. Of course, there are exceptions with less risk than normal but this course of action should only be followed after you acquire the experience and wisdom to discern good guys from the bad.

handwriting analysis forensic science activity for high school

As an example, I just finished a case with one of the largest transportation companies in the state of Texas. The chief counsel called me and asked me to join him in a meeting with outside counsel an attorney from one of the largest law firms in Dallas concerning a forged document.


The chief counsel discussed my fees during our initial phone call and then asked me to just bill him. After two meetings in their office, an examination of the questioned document and a notarized opinion letter, I simply billed them for my travel time, meeting time, mileage, and for the examination and subsequent opinion letter.

My fee was paid within a week.

handwriting analysis forensic science activity for high school

Sometimes we do business on a handshake. But, it could back fire. For me, the most important part about the collection process in this case was that I obtained an agreement up front that they would pay for my services. After that, they trusted me and I trusted them. We both were satisfied with the outcome and we completed our business feeling good about our professional relationship.

Remember, wise and experienced experts like Rosalie Hamilton agree, and I concur, Do Not provide an opinion, written or verbal, until you have been paid for your opinion. Let me give you one more example of how you must behave when forced with an emergency temptation to perform before you get paid: Brenda is one of the best experts in the South.

Brenda met her client and attorney at the courthouse just in time for trail but Brenda had not been paid. Brenda testified — after she was paid. Many experts require a client sign a contract before beginning work. I find this slows down the process and I have found no agreement or contract that fits every situation.

Therefore, I seldom use a written agreement, but I do get a verbal agreement on price and method of payment before I issue a written report. How would you like to pay?Try this Schenley High School "Forensic Science in High School Chemistry" unit of study.

"Molarity Lab: Murder Investigation" is a take-off on the Clue TM game that was contributed by Sam Falk of Arlington High School, NY. Online homeschool for high school What Your #Handwriting Says About You! Brought to you by Shoplet - everything for your business.

The Amazing SCIENCE Of Handwriting Analysis: Aggressive and Argumentative Hand writing Writing ideas Writing Prompts Forensic Psychology Forensic science Handwriting Analysis Sarcasm & Humor Body language.

For those interested in how forensic science works, then POLICE LAB is a must-read. Author David Owen presents a great beginning presentation into how forensic science works in regards to ballistics, DNA processing, fingerprint evidence, bite marks, tire imprints, and even handwriting analysis -- and how they can be used to figure out the person who has committed a crime.

Within the Ph.D. in Social Science is an optional concentration in Mathematical Behavioral Sciences, supervised by an interdisciplinary group of faculty.. Within the M.A.

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A CSAFE Partner School Spotlight. One of the core research areas at CSAFE is training and initiativeblog.com next generation of forensic scientists, laboratory technicians and other practitioners in the forensic community are vital to the innovation and integrity of the forensic field and to .

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