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Antifa activists photographed him at the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August He has posed for pictures in front of Nazi symbols and holding Nazi memorabilia. Furthermore, one of the guys in the chat killed himself immediately after the shooting, presumably because he knew he would be implicated for having been in the chat with Bowers.

Modern european history speaks paul valery and he meant sa

The central challenge of my thesis project was to find a means by which to meld the diverse acting styles of Stanislavski, Viewpoints, Mime, Suzuki, and the Lessac approach to the voice in order to achieve an effective, cohesive performance in a highly stylized movement theatre piece.

I was portraying an historical person, Camille Claudel, in a physically-based play that was trying to capture the essence of her life experience.

Modern european history speaks paul valery and he meant sa

This project gave me the opportunity to bring the training that I have received in the past two years into the rehearsal and creation process on a new script. Her courage and determination inspired me to finish my education. Baker for his loving support throughout this process.

I could not have made it through without him.

November, - One Democratic State

I want to thank my mother for always being there for me, no matter what. I also wish to express my gratitude to the members of my committee: Thank you for all the help and guidance. Finally, none ofthis would have been possible without Dr. Thank you for giving me a chance and for believing in me.

Theatre, McNeese State University. Rehearsal and Performance Log 4. The production was devised and directed by Associate Professor Jeanine Thompson ofthe Ohio State University Department oftheatre and presented in Thurber Theatre located in the Drake Performance and Event Center, November and NovemberAlthough this was not the largest role that I performed in my time with The Ohio State University's Department oftheatre, it was in many ways the most challenging and unique.

The path that led me to this challenging work is somewhat interesting in itself. Acting Background I began acting when I was fourteen years old. Prior to that I had always sung. After that, I continued performing mostly in musical plays throughout high school as well as singing in the choir.

This began the development ofmy professional work ethic, as the management 1 13 was very demanding ofthe performers.

Since I was only seventeen years old, and living away from my parents for the first time, I was forced to grow up very quickly.

Modern european history speaks paul valery and he meant sa

When my contract ended, I started the Stanislavski-based Bachelor offine Arts in Acting program at the University ofoklahoma. However, in my second year I decided to quit the program. I took a break that lasted about thirteen years, during which time I took part in many shows, mostly in Dallas, Texas, and earned my Actor's Equity Association membership.

I knew that when the show closed he planned to direct a production ofhello Dolly in Paris, France. On closing night I told him how much I would love to work with him again. He invited me to fly to New York to audition for his show, with no guarantees, of course.

I had to be there in two days. I did fly to New York, and was cast in the show. I spent three wonderful months in Paris performing at the Theatre du Chatelet.

It was during my stay in Paris that I first heard ofcamille Claudel. I had visited all the major museums, and decided to see the Rodin Museum. I remember specifically being drawn to the work ofcamille Claudel. When I saw the onyx and bronze sculptures of The Gossips and The Wave, I remember having a physical reaction, felt in the pit of my stomach.

These works, as well as Deep Thought, touched me with their beauty and the vulnerability that they portrayed. I felt an instant connection with them. However, it would be many years before I was to hear ofcamille Claudel again.

I lived there for only eight months and went to auditions almost daily. I was cast only twice while I was 2 14 in New York. The first was in a showcase production ofa new musical based on the George Bernard Shaw play, Getting Married.

The other was as a production singer on a cruise ship. It was after my one-year stint on the S. Britanis that I was called home to Louisiana due to an illness in my family.

I stayed in Louisiana for about four years. There is no professional theatre in Lake Charles, and indeed, only one Equity theatre in the state oflouisiana, and that is in Baton Rouge.

It was after performing under a guest artist contract with the local university that I decided it was time to finish my bachelor's degree and get a master's degree.Looks like the flim project is pretty much a go, go, go.

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