Recommendation report on west indies yacht

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Recommendation report on west indies yacht

Romney, under the command of Lord Muskery, and Lowestoff, commanded by Captain Cotterell, being designed this year for Newfoundland, etc. Read l5th April, Since my letter to you of yesterday's date, my Lords Commissrs.

Read 19th April, Council of Trade and Plantations to the King. Representation upon Act of S. Carolina,for settling the estate of Richard Beresford deed. Fane's objections to it.

The reason why no complaint hath been made against this act during the several years which it hath lain in our Office, is that the eldest son of the said Mr. Beresford, whose interest it was to sollicite the repeal of it, is but lately come of age, and having now made his application to us thereupon, we humbly take leave to lay the said act before yor.

Majesty for your disallowance. Order of Committee of Privy Council. Referring back to the Council of Trade their reports on the defenceless condition of Barbados, and need of stores for the Leeward Islands. They are to get the best information they can of what stores are necessary for each island and to inspect the laws passed there for raising money for repair of fortifications, establishing a militia etc.

Referring following to the Council of Trade and Plantations for their report thereon. Endorsed, Recd 11th May, Read 26th June, John Peter Purry to the King.

Governor Johnson, in pursuance of H. Instructions, caused a township to be surveyed and set apart on the Savannah River in S.

Carolina since called Purrysburgh, containing 20, acres, and issued a Proclamation, Sept. Instruction ordered to be reserved for the use of the said town. The township was at the request of Petitioner declared to be for the use of a colony of Swiss Protestants, many of which are since transported and settled there by petitioner and more designed to be sent etc.

When the Governor caused a survey to be made of the six miles contiguous, the Surveyors found that several persons had under divers pretences caused to be surveyed all or most of the south and east side of the lands adjoining the 20, acres laid out for the township, which are the best and most valuable lands etc.

Petitioner will thus be unable to grant the said lands to the Swiss settlers, and be deprived of having in the said six miles the 48, acres granted him by H. Additional Instruction as a reward for his trouble and expense.

The Governor apprehends himself not fully empowered to remove persons pretending a right for having surveyed the said lands antecedent to the survey of the said township, or the six miles contiguous, altho' petitioner is ready to prove, and it is indeed admitted that the scituation of the said township was fixed and agreed on and the Governor's Proclamation issued long before such surveys for the persons claiming were made.

Several persons of substance and prudence, whom petitioner has appointed and will appoint as overseers to protect, advise and assist the rest of this new Colony, have no allowance for their trouble and daily attendance etc.

Purrysburgh for conveniency of navigation is settled on a swamp or morass on the side of a river, and as well for health as conveniency it will be necessary to drain the morass. Order to the Governor to cause the six miles round the township, on that side of the river where it is situated, to be surveyed and set apart for its use, notwithstanding any surveys made thereof since the town was first cut out, and that the said lands be reserved as well for the intended grant of 48, acres to petitioner as for the use of such Swiss or other foreign Protestants as petitioner or his agents shall cause to be transported to settle the same.

Petitioner further prays transport to settle the same. Petitioner further prays that the "overseers" described above may, in consideration of their charge and trouble, be allowed such additional quantity of lands within the six miles limits by the Governor as shall be thought an adequate reward etc.

Their services to be certified to the Governor by petitioner. Prays that the inhabitants whose lots are scituated on the aforesaid rivulet, on condition of their cleansing and clearing it, may be allowed a double lott in the said town in consideration of their extraordinary charge and labour: And as several foreign Protestants who have been obliged to fly their country in Germany and other parts of Europe for the sake of their religion and are well skilled in the production of silk and wine are willing to go and settle at Purrysburgh, petitioner prays H.

Recommendation report on west indies yacht

Signed, Charles Purry, Agent for Colo. The box of publick papers comes with this to Mr. Breholt to whom I write to wait upon you with it etc. List of persons employed and fees taken in the Treasurer's Office, Antigua.

List of persons employed and fees taken in the Secretary's Office, St. Docquet of fees taken in the Secretary's Office, Montserrat. Docquet of fees taken by the Clerk of Assembly, Montserrat. I send by this oportunity the following publick papers, besides the duplicates of those I last transmitted to Mr.

Popple to be presented to your Lordships. An Act of the Island of Montserat for the more speedy building a church in the parish of St.Recommendation Report on West Indies Yacht Club Resort Words | 4 Pages. Purpose of the report The vacation industry in British Virgin Island (BVI) is developed into a profitable, but highly competitive market.

Recommendation Report for West Indies Yacht Club Resort – Cultural Conflicts The financial health of the West Indies Yacht Club Resort is progressively worsening. The local employees from the British Virgin Islands and their expatriate managers from the United States are meeting in a clash of cultures.

Recommendation will be giving at the base on the condition of mooring balls in each of those bays. Charts and pilot book All the charts and pilot books you will need for the sailing area are on board the yacht.

This part prescribes rules for the shipment and discharge of merchant mariners aboard certain vessels of the United States. § Addresses of Coast Guard. (a) U.S. postal mail: U.S.

Coast Guard National Maritime Center (NMC), Forbes Drive, Martinsburg, West Virginia Barbados is a coral island, pushed out of sea by volcanic activity in a far away time. On the West Coast, beaches of fine white sand stretch along a blue-green sea.

Recommendation report on west indies yacht

Coral reefs fringe coast providing excellent snorkeling and Scuba Diving. of a new facility (Antilles Yacht Services) There are West Indies Yachts have docks on Benner Bay. Lagoon Fishing Center and Toby a Department Of Interior, FWPCA, report () includes some data on sediment nutrients in the Lagoon.

McNulty, et (), in the most comprehensive study Of.

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